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Standing reimagined

The easiest way to stand naturally at work

What is Standable?

The Standing Desk Re-imagined.

  • Get Healthy. We don't need to sell you on the value of standing - it all starts with your posture, and the list goes on.
  • One Small Change We want to take this new way of working and make a small, but critical, change to what you know today about standing while you work.
  • No Two Bodies Are the Same Current desks have only a single shelf, or when they have two they don't allow you to fix it to your height, so in the end you end up standing wrong.
  • A Right Way to Stand We have created a desk that accomodates people of all heights, shapes, and sizes.
  • Two Independent Shelves We know that no two bodies are the same, that's why our independent two-shelf system changes the game.
  • Customized for You Our design allows for an infinite number of positions for your keyboard and monitor.

Want to be more healthy
at work?

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